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Every child deserves a good beginning

Good Beginnings is a national charity building better outcomes for children in vulnerable communities through effective early intervention programs. Without intervention, vulnerable children slip through the cracks every day. You can help build better futures for these children by donating today or organising a fundraising event.

Amy's Story

1 in 10 Australian children will suffer abuse or neglect

Three-year-old Amy is the youngest of six children. Her Mum and Dad yell a lot and throw things at each other. Amy has learnt to hide under a bed when this happens.

Dad has never found permanent work; three relationships have finished because of his drinking. Mum has suffered from bouts of severe depression and paranoia.

Amy will soon realise that she is different. When other children understand what the teacher is saying and she doesn't, she will feel stupid. When she cannot maintain friends, she will feel unworthy. Eventually she will stop trying... Click here to read more >